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voyage immobile

voyage immobile

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Titre Compositeur(s) Durée
Play track Sweet Serenity Hildebert Emmanuelle 3:16
Play track The Three Nights of Siddharta Various 4:38
Play track Hovig, Hovig Bodossian Georges 4:00
Bambara Wisdom Various 5:17
Moonlight on a Lotus Satria Jaya 3:29
Play track The Shade of Palm Hildebert Emmanuelle 4:09
Woza Tani Roots Poge Sylvain 4:23
Play track Yana Bruley Vincent 4:31
Play track Saari Pelizzari Jacques 2:52
Yom, les Larmes d'Angkor Limborg Jean-pierre 6:28
Rice and Fertility Satria Jaya 2:10
Play track Indie Pop Zen Hildebert Emmanuelle 4:30
Play track Masy Various 5:19
Play track The Magic Talisman Hildebert Emmanuelle 3:06
Play track Good Morning Bombay Yogitea 6:14
Play track Stellar Trip Beaux Grégory 3:14