Lecteur Origins

Les univers d'Origins



  • Compositeur(s):
    • NOBBS Karin
    • N'BESS Philip
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In a deep silence, sometimes you hear a whisper, a precious breath

giving you an advice, a whisper of hope, a murmur of love.A gentle

whisper, a mysterious inspiration, the kind of whisper that makes you

feel good.

There are all kinds of sounds and colours in a whisper.

Whispering a joke, a secret, some special news, a particular way of

using a word, a tone, can change the whole atmosphere of a day,

depending on the talent of the person who speaks.To drop a word in

someone's ear, to transmit some knowledge or to warn, are different

ways of expressing a whisper.

Nature sometimes, has a special language, beautiful and wise.

The rustle of the leaves, the murmur of water, a whisper is always

quiet, it behaves tactfully. A soft whisper enhances pleasure and

creates serenity, joy and confidence.

When a person whispers words of love, an inimitable light invades your


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Play track Would you sing for Me Various 8:30
You re whispering Various 8:34
Play track Tonight is the night Various 8:22
Play track It will work out Various 8:01
Play track Forget about Negative Thoughts Various 8:28
Play track Yes Various 8:07